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The Syliah Volmar Foundation was created in 2005 as a legacy to and named in honor of an adorable little girl named Syliah Razule Shakaina. Syliah was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. She loved to greet everyone with happiness and hugs...and she loved going to school every day.

For 13 years we've changed a lot of lives, we intend to do even more in the coming years.

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  • Monthly giving perfect way to help. By setting up an automatic monthly donation, make an enormous impact.
  • Ease the pains of hunger and illiteracy by setting up a monthly donation to Feed and Educate the poor.




  • Efficient: Provides a consistent source of support for the poorest of the poor.
  • Convenient: Your monthly donation processes automatically through your chosen payment method
  • Flexible: You can change the amount of your gift anytime.
  • It is like putting your good deed on autopilot. Now don't have to think about it.

Are you ready to start building a better world? By clicking the DONATE NOW link to make your donation, this is the beginning.

For 13 years we've changed a lot of lives, we intend to do even more in the coming years.

Key Benefits

You want to help a child get a good education, but you are thousands of miles away.

The Syliah Organization tells you to relax! Don't worry! "We are on the ground making sure that your donation is working doing what you intended."


We couldn't have done it without your donations!

If you want to change the world to make it a better place, to end hunger and illiteracy, we could help you get started.

How do we use your donations?
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The Syliah Foundation is an education charity organization. In the past 11 years, We've been fighting hunger and poverty with education and literacy.

Thanks to you and your generosity.
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With your donation, we help educate the disenfranchised children by paying for their tuition, after-school program, help with homework, Sports activities, Art, and cooking, etc. We work in close collaboration with our educational institution partners in the hiring of qualified teachers.

A $29.00 donation goes a long way!

With your donation we provide books, notebooks pen and pencils, computers and tablets, shoes, uniforms, transportation, lunch and snacks during the school days.

How do I start?
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Ready to make a difference! Click donate, on our donation page; you could choose the amount and the way you want to help. You have many options one-time donation, monthly weekly, quarterly. It is up to you.

Special Requests
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For those of you who are interested in donating, electronic equipment such as computers, Laptops, Tablets, Generators, Solar Panels, etc. Please contact us by phone or email before sending.

Have a Question? Call Us!
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Want more informations? Call us if you have questions about our organization want to know more about our charity 1-718-978-5078.

Donors Testimonials

Our donors do our best marketing, and here’s why...


Pastor M. Bruno: Hi, I am a Pastor my profession doesn't matter, I think we all should help a poor kid get an education especially when we could afford it.


Edward Aimee, here, I am not rich I am just a working man who knows exactly what it is to be poor. That is why I give on a monthly basis automatically.


Valerie Nau, Maybe the child you help today is destined to change the world for a better place because of the impact of your donation in his or her life.